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Outside McBride's Pub

Mark & Janet Russell

Not only is it a Pub, it is also a hardware store and a taxidermy shop.  (Some of their taxidermy work in the front window.)  There is a man with a vision!!!

Inside McBride's Pub in Ireland

L to R:  Mark and Stephanie , Owner Brien McBride,  Jennifer & Janet

McBride's Pub originated out of the Monahan, Drabble & Sherman Funeral Home's 9 car garage. McBride's Pub was created from the former nine car garage of the Monahan, Drabble & Sherman Funeral Home. In recent years, as the funeral business changed, the need for many vehicles decreased. Brothers Mark and Bob Russell realized that their old garage needed a new purpose.

In 2005, Mark and Bob visited Ballyjamesduff, Ireland. Their travels took them to McBride's Pub, a small local establishment. Behind the pub, was McBride's Funeral Home - and, as it turned out, both businesses were owned by two brothers.
An idea for the old garage was born: build it into a pub. It seemed natural to name the new pub McBride's as a tip of the cap to the pub they visited in Ireland. Photos from the original McBride's Pub are on the walls here.

As Mark and Bob worked on the renovation of the garage, they brought some unique features to their new pub. They restored two stained glass doors that had once been part of the funeral home's smoking room. These doors, originally constructed in the 1930's by Thomas Monahan, featured the "M" crest. They are now hung on either side of the bar, and the "M" has become the logo for McBride's.

Please join us every night at 10pm for "LAST CALL," where one person who has "Gone to the Promised Land" will be toasted and logged into our "LAST CALL" leather book. Please enjoy yourself, the food, and the atmosphere and COME AGAIN!

Bob, Mark, Janet, Jennifer and Stephanie Russell